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Android vs iOS: Which Mobile Platform is Suitable?

When it comes to developing an app, how do you choose between Android and iOS? On the face of it, with Google’s Android holding around 88% of the market share as per Statista data from the second quarter of 2018, it might seem like the better choice, but can you ignore the high monetization prospects that Apple’s iOS platform offers? Of course, the simple solution would be to develop for both platforms simultaneously, but not every company has a budget for that.

Therefore, which platform should you choose for your app development? It’s a common question many of our clients ask us when they approach us for developing an app. The fact is that both platforms have their fair share of pros and cons and being aware of these makes it easier to decide which one is better suited to your requirements. In this article, we outline the key differences between Android vs iOS to help you get a clear idea about which one to choose.

What should I choose – Android vs iOS?

  • If you want the app to reach a wider audience – Android
  • If you want a higher revenue per user – iOS
  • If you have regular PCs and don’t want to incur additional investment in hardware – Android
  • If you already have iOS hardware (Mac, iPhone, iPad) – iOS
  • If you prefer a less complex development process – iOS
  • If you prefer a smaller wait time to get the app to the Store – Android
  • If you like to customize the app – Android
  • If you want to reduce the risk of malware – iOS
  • If privacy and security of user data is a priority – iOS
  • If you want an app with a better user experience – iOS
  • If you want better integration with social media – iOS

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