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How Long Does It Take to Make an App?

Grewon Technologies is a mobile app development company with experience in building hundreds of apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Besides experience in developing apps for start-ups as well as Fortune 30+ companies, working with us brings the advantage of scaling the size of the team either up or down, including access to developers and coders with specialist skills. We work towards minimizing the time to market by ensuring that our designers and developers work in sync to optimize the front-end and back-end systems. Additionally, our team tries to ‘break’ the app during the process of development to eliminate as many flaws as possible before it is ready to be beta tested.

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The process of developing an app involves four broad steps, which together can take around 2 months for a simple app that doesn’t offer too many features to around four and a half months for a big app that has multiple functions and features. Once again, bear in mind that this is a rough estimate and can vary significantly based on the skills of the team, the method of operation and the time spent in testing.
For example, if significant time is not spent on internal or alpha testing, then a lot of time will be wasted in going back to the board to rework development processes to ensure that the app functions the way it is intended. Additionally, if new issues are detected once the development process is completed, the coders will need to rework the back-end to rectify the flaws.

Not every company might have the budget to hire an internal team of designers and developers to take their mobile app development from conception to market. Therefore, for those who hire an external team, the time taken to develop an app might vary depending on the experience and skills of the app developers, especially in testing the app internally to remove as many bugs as possible before it’s time for beta testing. It’s also important to have access to the development team for a few months after the app is taken to market as sometimes certain flaws might be evident only once thousands of users download the app.

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